Archiving Policy

We recognize the valid concerns of authors, readers, librarians, and others regarding the need for long-term preservation and access to scholarly research as publishing moves into the online era. Our journal archiving and preservation policy includes the following measures:


Our electronic content (website, articles, manuscripts, etc.) is stored in two sources. Content on one server is online and accessible to the readers. The copy of the same content is kept as a backup on the offline resources. 


Our journal ensures the long-term preservation of published content through the PKP Private LOCKSS Network (PKP PN). This decentralized network securely archives all articles in multiple geographically distributed locations, guaranteeing reliable and continuous access even if our website becomes unavailable. This robust preservation strategy ensures the longevity and integrity of your research, providing peace of mind for authors and readers alike. For more information, please visit the PKP PN website.

Abstracting/Indexing services

All journal issues are abstracted and indexed by several abstracting and indexing services, which store much essential information about the articles.


MJSAT allows authors to deposit their original version and published final version/PDF in an institutional repository and non-commercial subject-based repositories or to publish it on the author's personal website and departmental website (including social networking sites, such as ResearchGate,, etc.), at any time after publication in the journal in compliance with the Creative Commons CC BY-NC 4.0 from Creative Commons. Publisher copyright and source must be acknowledged, and a link must be made to the article's published link.

National Libraries

All journal issues are deposited in the Malaysian National Library  – the legal deposit library in Malaysia. The copies of the articles are available to their depository system as an alternative to the journal's own.


MJSAT articles also stored in the MyJurnal is an online system used by the Malaysian Citation and Infometrics Center. Myjurnal collects and indexes all the Malaysian journals.

MyJurnal contains bibliographic data and full-text contents of MJSAT articles. The link to the MJSAT archives paper in MyJurnal is as follows: