An Extended Type-2 Fuzzy Relational Database Model for Aggregate and Grouping Operations




Fuzzy number, Type-2 fuzzy set, Type-2 fuzzy relation, Fuzzy aggregate function, ET-2FRDB model


This paper introduces an extended type-2 fuzzy relational database model (ET-2FRDB) for aggregate and grouping operations that can represent and query uncertain and imprecise information in the real world applications. In ET-2FRDB, each fuzzy relation is represented by a type-2 fuzzy set whose membership degree of each tuple is a fuzzy number on [0, 1], the fuzzy aggregate functions, the fuzzy relational algebraic, aggregate and grouping operations are defined as extensions of those in the classical relational database model thereby the membership degree of tuples associated by using the minimum and maximum of fuzzy numbers. Also, some properties of the fuzzy relational algebraic, aggregate and grouping operations in ET-2FRDB are formulated and proven.


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