Structural Behavior of an RC Building Frame due to Wind Pressure in Bangladesh


  • Md. Abdullah Al Arafat Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Sciences and Engineering, European University of Bangladesh, Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh



Wind Pressure, Human Risk, ETABS 9.6, BNBC Provision, Displacement and Drift


Since the necessity for larger and slimmer structures has arisen in Bangladesh, wind engineering has become increasingly important. The traditional approach of manual high-rise building design is time-consuming and prone to human mistakes. ETABS is a structural program that is currently widely used by structural engineers to handle common problems such as static analysis, wind analysis, and confirming multiple codes using various load combinations. The study's purpose is to compare wind pressure's impacts on eight distinct places in Bangladesh. ETABS 9.6 software with the BNBC provision was used to conduct this research on a 106-foot residential building. The study's major goal is to examine the reactions of stories, narrative displacement, and drift under the influence of wind in eight major distinct areas out of five divisions of Bangladeshi areas. Based on the investigation findings, we attempted to determine their attitude to various wind pressures. Analysis shows that wind pressure in the South-East and South-West is higher than in the North-East and North-West and most of it is found in the South-East.


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BNBC, Bangladesh National Building Code, 1993, Dhaka, Bangladesh.




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