Detection of Paddy Blast: An Image Processing Approach with Threshold based OTSU




Paddy blast , Rice blast , Threshold based OTSU, Image Processing, Plant disease


If rice infections spread, the agricultural industry as well as the people who eat rice as their primary food grain suffer greatly from production and financial losses as well as food shortages. One of the deadliest diseases that can affect paddy plants at any stage of development and hinder the growth of rice plants is paddy leaf blast. Because the brown spot and the leaf blast have the same appearance but distinct shapes, it is quite difficult to distinguish between them. In this case, paddy leaf blast is detected using computer vision methods. But because of their resemblance to other spots and poor color channel selection, previous procedures are difficult, time-consuming, and poorly able to detect blasts. In this article, an effective and automated image analysis method has been proposed to identify paddy leaf blasts that can identify leaf blasts by utilizing various shapes. Additionally, the process minimized pointless data exploration and provided superior accuracy of 95.34 percent.


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