Peer Review Policy

At the Malaysian Journal of Science and Advanced Technology (MJSAT), we are committed to ensuring the quality and integrity of the research we publish. To that end, all manuscripts submitted to our journal undergo rigorous single-blind peer review by experts in the relevant fields.

Peer review process:

  • All manuscripts submitted to the MJSAT are initially screened by the editors to ensure that they meet the journal's scope and guidelines.
  • Manuscripts that pass the initial screening are sent out for review to at least two experts in the relevant field.
  • The reviewers are selected based on their expertise, reputation, and their absence of conflicts of interest.
  • The reviewers evaluate the manuscript based on its originality, significance, methodology, and overall quality, and provide constructive feedback to the authors.
  • The authors will not know the identity of the reviewers.
  • The reviewers make a recommendation to the editors regarding the suitability of the manuscript for publication in the MJSAT.
  • The editors then make the final decision regarding acceptance, rejection, or revision of the manuscript based on the reviewers' recommendations and their own assessment.
  • Authors are informed of the decision and provided with the reviewers' comments, which they are expected to address in their revised manuscript.

The peer review process at the MJSAT is single-blind, which means the reviewers are anonymous.

We believe that our peer review process helps ensure the quality and integrity of the research we publish and promotes academic excellence. We thank all of our reviewers for their time and expertise, and we encourage authors to carefully consider the reviewers' feedback in revising their manuscripts."

Further information on MJSAT Publication Ethics can be found here:

Special Issue articles from a conference are reviewed by the Programme Chairs and Programme Committee members of the respective conference, with help from external reviewers selected by them.